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Gotta Have It!

These stationery designs are now available for sale online. Just click on the image and it will take you right to it’s order page!

Wedding _______________________________________________________________


Classically Stacked


Awash Watercolor

Paris Match


I Heart You


Just My Type

Southern Romance

Anand Karaj



Geometric Pattern

Winter Warmth

Upcoming Festival


Stationery _____________________________________________________________

Mums the Word

Greetings from…

In the Clouds

Liner Notes

Street Smart

Birds on a Wire

Playing Cards

No Job Too Small

Piano Lessons

Call My People

Tag You’re It

Coming of Age __________________________________________________________

Fly, Butterfly

Shining Light

Cest Magnifique

Children’s _____________________________________________________________

Little Lady

Rock Out and Party On

A “green” party

Shower Invitations ______________________________________________________

Making Faces

Colorful Laundry

Perfect Penmanship

Birth Announcements ____________________________________________________

Not So Wild West


Holiday _______________________________________________________________

Bright Impression

Christmas Ribbon

Christmas Ribbon

All I Want

Modern Wreath

Christmas Time Is Here

Merry, Merry

We Believe

We Believe

Tree Farm


Good Cheer

Bright Holidays

I Heart Santa

Stage Production

Sunny Blessings

Wicked Scary


Behind the Mask


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  1. McCarty2B permalink
    01.04.11 4:22 pm

    Hi Ann! I saw a wedding invite design of yours on that I absolutely love. I went ahead and emailed customer service, but figured I might get a quicker response from you. So here goes, is the slanted “Adios” letting invite available for purchase? If so, how much and do you have a matching response card?

    • 01.09.11 1:03 pm

      Glad you like it! I hope Minted helped you out, but if you haven’t heard from them let me know.

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