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It all started with crayons and colorforms…

me3 I’m an award winning freelance graphic designer transplanted from Washington, DC to Dallas, Texas. I’ve designed web sites, print material, and identity pieces, but I really love designing pieces for the stationery industry. There’s a lot of happiness surrounding weddings, births, and parties and I hope to contribute, even in a small way, to the joyous events in people’s lives.

Check out our (my husband and myself) online store, Ringleader Paper Co. We offer one of a kind personalized stationery, and fresh wedding invitations and birth announcements. Our children’s party invitations are fun and colorful, perfect for your birthday boy or girl. And our holiday photo cards are designed to catch your eye, with a playful spirit or warm greeting that goes hand in hand with the season.

I also design stationery and other paper-related items for Minted, Card Store, and My Publisher. (See, I told you I love stationery!)


2005 Webby Award
Insurance Category | GEICO Web Site Redesign


2010 Minted Design Challenges

Make a Wish Birthday Invitations | A “Green” Party
Happy, Happy Birthday Card Challenge | The Manly Type
Happy, Happy Birthday Card Challenge | The Womanly Type
Quickfire Stationery Challenge | Greetings from…
Quickfire Stationery Challenge | In the Clouds
Coming of Age Challenge | C’est Magnifique!
Happily Ever After Wedding Challenge | Just My Type
Happily Ever After Wedding Challenge | Festival


2011 Minted Design Challenges

Stay in Touch Business Cards | No Job Too Small
February Shower Invitations| Colorful Laundry
February Shower Invitations | Perfect Penmanship
+3 Holiday Cards | Wicked Scary
Chronicle Books Stationery | These Boots Were Made for Walking


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  1. 01.15.12 11:19 pm

    Hello, it is nice to see your blog. very clean and loves your style and the taste of your typography. Thank you for the inspirations.

  2. 06.11.12 3:00 pm

    nice blog … and work!

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